Best Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Trading Course 2021 (The BST Method)

best cryptocurrency trading course

The BIP bitcoin & cryptocurrency trading course is designed to turn you into a profitable crypto trader in a short period of time if you follow instructions well.

Now you can grow your crypto portfolio using advanced bitcoin swing trading tactics and strategies that the BIP team have tested “behind closed doors” for the past 12 years…

And we’ve boiled it down into simple, easy-to-implement bitcoin swing trading strategies and plans.


Each Package Includes…

Extremely Profitable, Yet Hard to Find “Micro-Cap Altcoins” For You To Trade (AKA BST Method Coins) + Detailed Step-by-Step Guides + Buy and Sell Order.

But first, I’d like to share our team story

It’s about how we overcame one of the biggest obstacles we’ve faced in our crypto trading career.

And it’s an obstacle you can probably relate to.

We’ve been trading cryptocurrency now for over 4 years (and Forex, on and off, for over 12 years). 

Believe me when I tell you…

We’ve tried every single bitcoin trading strategy you can throw a stick at. 

Many of them are only as successful as the market allows them to be…meaning they’re not truly “bear market” proof.

I mean anyone can throw money at a cryptocurrency coin during a bull market and walk away like a proverbial “Wolf of Wall Street”.

However, if you’ve been around the block for some time, especially crypto trading during the 4th quarter of 2017, you already know it was a digital gold rush.

cryptocurrency trading course

Many self-proclaimed expert traders went from “zero to hero” in a few months but unfortunately met their ill-timed fate at the beginning of 2018. 

Fortunes were made and lost in a matter of months (sometimes days).

If you weren’t shorting the market, you were getting “REKT”.

However, like most, margin trading is a very fickle and dangerous way of trading (especially if you’re trading with too much leverage), but that’s another story for another day. 

Like most traders in 2017, my team lost a lot of trading capital. 

About $100,000 to be exact. 

That’s when the term “HODL” actually meant something but turned out to be more of a “whiney traders anthem” than a solid way of investing.

There came a point in time where We said…” enough is enough”.

HODLing just isn’t doing anyone any good, other than the savvy whales that seem to be shorting the market. 

We took what was left of our battered crypto portfolio and cashed out of all those losing altcoins that everyone was so sure would recover like a rising phoenix from the flames.

After months of wasting money on bots, scanners, various trading schemes, etc…

We stumbled across something that seemed almost too good to be true.

Something sustainable, low risk, and extremely lucrative (I know, seems too good to believe right?).

Unbeknownst to us at the time, this method of trading would soon turn out to be a system and set of guidelines for selecting a few cryptocurrency coins that would aid in building our cryptocurrency portfolio to the levels that it once had seen during the glory years of the late 2017 BTC bull market. 

What I’m here to reveal to you today is

A simple, yet extremely effective way to trade low cap crypto coins, with small (or even larger scale budgets) and come out on top with a portfolio that would make even the most veteran crypto traders envious.

What most novice traders don’t understand is…

Very few can trade during the tremulous times we experienced in 2018. 

You need to have a real working strategy that not only takes you through the easy bull markets but also allows you to profit through these bear markets as well.

crypto trading profit

Forget everything you think you know about bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading. 

There’s only one strategy that We’ve continued to revert back to, time and time again because it’s the only one that has continuously worked for delivering the low risk, high reward crypto gains we’ve been searching for.

I can’t even explain to you how monumental these coins and trading system is for building up smaller crypto accounts into large ones. 

It’s even more lucrative when it comes down to job replacing income once those smaller accounts develop into larger ones.

Here’s what you can expect from our cryptocurrency trading course

  • Just getting started with bitcoin trading? Use the BST method bitcoin & cryptocurrency trading course to learn the basis of crypto trading and grow your crypto account fast.
  • Our dedicated & experienced crypto account builder team will meticulously pre-select highly profitable, low-risk crypto account building coins that have been officially proven to withstand this ever-lasting bear market.
  • Each member of our team has over 350+ hours of experience vetting these high profits, low-risk coins. Each one guaranteed to generate a daily return between 25%-300% profit.
  • We will set up a detailed trading plan for each of your BST Coins including buy/sell orders, stop losses, and trading channels.
  • You will have access to copy our best performing brokers strategy using the plug n play plan.

So ask yourself this…

How much would an extra $5,000-$10,000 per month change your life? 

I’m guessing a lot right? 

As long as you stick to trading our pre-selected BST coins, along with our step-by-step training guide, there is no limitation to how much profit you can make.

top crypto trading course
A BST coin that experienced a 54.2% swing rate within a 5 days period.

Many of the trading strategies illustrated within the BST cryptocurrency trading course are used by veteran crypto traders. 

These strategies have been time tested to produce consistent results when paired with our selected bst coins.

However, trading strategies can only get you so far. 

The real power behind our system comes from our “meticulously pre-selected” BST coins.  

In order to generate the massive returns I claim, within a matter of months (not years), you’ll require a highly trained team of professionals. 

Our team adheres to a strict protocol of account building criteria, which is only achieved through the BST method proprietary system.

Customer Testimonials

I’m finally seeing some profit and currently up $426 off a $500 deposit after 11 days of trading

Peter Jameson

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Every coin I got, was rock solid! Literally made my money back in 12 hours and now it’s all profit

Jessica Quintas

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

I thought I knew how to hunt for high profit coins, but damn these guys sent me some real killers

Saul Philips

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Step-by-Step BST Method Guide
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4 BST COINS Per Month
Step-by-Step BST Method Guide
Buy/Sell Orders
Stop Losses
Trading Channels
Advanced Training Tutorial for Automation
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4 BST COINS Per Month
Step-by-Step BST Method Guide
Buy/Sell Orders
Stop Losses
Trading Channels
Advanced Training Tutorial for Automation
24/7 Exclusive Support

Try “BIP Crypto Trading Academy” for a full 30 days, 100% Risk-Free

Try the entire BIP Crypto Trading Academy program today, 100% risk free.

Here’s how it works:

If you feel that you didn’t get at least 10X the value in the training program, email the BCTA support team ( anytime within the first 30 days, and we’ll happily refund your full payment.

Profiting from your trades have less to do with the indicators & patterns you use and more about the actual Coins you’re trading.


Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed!

I personally guarantee you won’t find a more profitable, easy to manage, and less time consuming method of accumulating crypto profit than what we offer here today.

If your BST Coin loses it’s luster & is unable to maintain a consistent profit for you because…

· it loses a majority of its volume over a 4 day period.
· loses its volatility (1-4% daily swings become normal).
· breaks out into a major downtrend over the course of 5+ days.

We will completely replace your BST Coin for a new one ASAP.

Remember, you have nothing to lose.

One B.S.T. Coin will more than double what you paid for it, in just under a few days.

An ROI of 5X-12X your initial profit, within a relatively short amount of time.